2024 ARP Catalog

98 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www P65Warnings ca gov s l California Residents WARNING: Cancer www P65Warnings ca gov Application NOTE: Bolts come with washers. STUD KITS BOLT KITS Black Oxide Stainless Black Oxide Stainless Hex 12-Point Hex 12-Point Hex 12-Point Hex 12-Point BUICK 350, timing cover 120-3202 l 120-3201 l 420-3202 l 420-3201 l CHEVROLET 90° V6, timing cover 333-1401 l 3/8˝ alternator pivot bolt 430-3303 l 430-3304 l All V8, alternator bracket bolts 130-3302 s 130-3301 l 430-3302 l 430-3301 l All V8, timing cover 200-1401 l 200-1411 l 400-1401 l 200-1502 l 200-1501 l 400-1502 l 400-1501 l All V8, timing cover with Jesel belt or gear drive 334-1401 l All V8, water pump long 130-3202 s 130-3201 l 430-3202 l 430-3201 l SB Chevy, water pump short 134-3204 s 134-3203 s 434-3204 l 434-3203 l Gen III/IV LS Series, timing cover 134-1501 l 134-1502 l 434-1501 l 434-1502 l Gen III/IV LS Series, water pump with thermostat housing bolts 134-3201 s 134-3202 s 434-3201 l 434-3202 l Gen III/IV LS Series, rear motor cover 134-1503 l 134-1504 l 434-1503 l 434-1504 l Gen V 6.2L (LT1/LT4) timing cover 134-1506 l 134-1505 l 434-1506 l 434-1505 l CHRYSLER 5.7L & 6.1L Hemi, rear main seal plate 140-0002 l 140-0001 l 440-0002 l 440-0001 l 5.7L & 6.1L Hemi, timing cover & water pump 140-1502 s 140-1501 s 440-1502 l 440-1501 l KB Hemi, timing cover 245-1511 l 245-1501 l 445-1511 l 445-1501 l FORD *Please note that the Ford water pump kits are designed for 1986 & earlier 289-302, aluminum timing cover, water pump* 154-1504 s 154-1503 l 454-1504 l 454-1503 l 289-302, aluminum t-cover & cast iron water pump* 154-3204 s 154-3203 s 454-3204 l 454-3203 l 289-302, cast-iron timing cover & water pump* 154-1502 s 154-1501 l 454-1502 l 454-1501 l Front Cover, Water Pump & Alternator Kits ARP’s timing cover bolts are available in both polished stainless steel or black oxide finish chrome moly. Studs are preferred by many pro engine builders because they eliminate the chance of pinching gaskets and contribute to easier engine assembly. You will note that ARP studs feature a special “bullet nose” to guide the nut accurately into place. Alternators that come loose are a pain, so that’s why ARP came up with these super tough bolts. Your choice of chrome moly steel or polished stainless (nominally rated at 180,000 psi). The stainless has the added advantage of being rust and corrosion resistant. Also available as part of ARP’s complete Engine & Accessory kits on page 110. FRONT COVER, WATER PUMP