2024 ARP Catalog

96 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www P65Warnings ca gov s l California Residents WARNING: Cancer www P65Warnings ca gov Oil Pan Bolt & Stud Kits The engineers at ARP spent quite a bit of time developing these highly effective, unique oil pan studs. They’re designed to make it as easy as possible to install a pan and seal it properly. You’ll note that the studs have a radiused bullet nose that serves to locate the pan rails, then allow the nuts to be easily installed without the worry of cross-threading. For those who prefer bolts, ARP’s got you covered, too. Both are available in black oxide finished chrome moly steel or polished ARP Stainless. Also, you may choose between conventional hex style or the space-saving 12-point nuts. The stud kits come complete with a special locking flanged nut, while the bolt kits come with washers. Application NOTE: Bolts come with washers. STUD KITS BOLT KITS Black Oxide Stainless Black Oxide Stainless Hex 12-Point Hex 12-Point Hex 12-Point Hex 12-Point CHEVROLET, SMALL BLOCK 265-400 cid (w/std 2-pc cork gasket) 234-1901 l 234-1902 l 434-1901 l 234-1802 s 234-1801 l 434-1802 l 434-1801 l 265-400 cid (w/ 1-pc rubber gasket) 134-1802 s 134-1801 l 434-1804 l 434-1803 l 350 cid with girdle, 5/16˝ diameter 334-1902 l Gen III/IV LS Series small block 134-6901 s 134-6902 s 434-6901 l 434-6902 l GEN V 6.2L (LT1/LT4) 134-1806 s 134-1805 s 434-1806 l 434-1805 l CHEVROLET, BIG BLOCK 396-454 cid (w/ standard 2-pc cork gasket) 235-1901 l 235-1902 l 435-1901 l 435-1902 l 235-1802 s 235-1801 l 435-1802 l 435-1801 l 396-454 cid (w/ 1-pc rubber gasket) 135-1802 s 135-1801 l 435-1804 l 435-1803 l CHEVROLET, 6-CYLINDER 90° V6 333-1901 l CHRYSLER, SMALL BLOCK 318-340-360 Wedge & 318-360 Magnum 200-1901 l 200-1902 l 400-1901 l 400-1902 l 200-1802 s 200-1801 l 400-1802 l 400-1801 l 5.7L & 6.1L Hemi 140-1802 s 140-1801 s 440-1802 l 440-1801 l TECH TIP: Always use some type of lubricant, such as ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant, when assembling fasteners. Assembling without lubricant can lead to galling or seizing, resulting in costly, time consuming repairs. OIL PAN