2024 ARP Catalog

8 in-house and closely monitored. This is how ARP has been able to establish a reputation for “zero defects” quality throughout the industry. The process begins right at the mill, where ARP orders only premium grade materials including several proprietary alloys. The ever-popular 8740 chrome moly steel, for example, comes from the mill in four distinct grades. The lowest is “commercial,” which is followed by “aircraft quality.” ARP uses only the top two grades (SDF and CHQ), which cost twice as much, but provide the foundation for defect-free fasteners. These materials come in bar stock (for studs) and huge coils (for bolts). Most ARP fasteners start off on a cold header, where the high quality wire is cut to length and the head and shank are formed in a multi-stage forging process that contributes to the strength of the overall fastener. A few of our fasteners are cut from bar ARP’s bank of cold-headers can handle material up to 5/8˝ diameter and form bolts in a multi-phase operation. Heat-treating is critically important in obtaining the correct tensile strength. Fasteners are placed in special vertical racks to ensure complete 360˚ penetration. An overview of part of ARP’s expansive machining operations. The shop is laid out for optimum efficiency. THE COMPANY