2024 ARP Catalog

45 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www P65Warnings ca gov s l California Residents WARNING: Cancer www P65Warnings ca gov Application Note: Please verify rod bolt head style against the photos labeled A-AH when replacing rod bolts Head Style Hi-Perf 8740 (complete) Hi-Perf 8740 (2-PC) HP Wave 8740 (complete) HP Wave 8740 (2-PC) Pro Wave ARP2000 (complete) Pro Wave ARP2000 (2-PC) Pro Series ARP2000 (complete) Pro Series ARP2000 (2-PC) ALFA ROMEO 2.0L GTV P 126-6101 l AMC 258 cid inline 6 D 112-6001 l 290-304-343-360 cid 11/32˝ D 114-6001 l 390 cid (1968-69) R 114-6004 l 390-401 cid (1970 & later) 3/8˝ R 114-6002 l AUDI - SEE VOLKSWAGEN, PAGE 51 BMC/TRIUMPH/ROVER A Series 3/8˝ J 206-6001 l 206-6021 l A & B Series 11/32˝ C 206-6002 l B Series (1964-68) 18GB & 18GF 3/8˝ E 206-6003 l Bonneville 650cc motorcycle (1956-72) K 206-6009 l K Series E 206-6007 l 1.3L & 1.5L Spitfire E 206-6004 l 2.0L GT6 & 2.5L TR6 E 206-6005 l 2.0L SOHC TR7 AB 206-6006 l ADVANTAGES OF WAVE-LOC ROD BOLTS: “Waves” contact bolt hole wall to provide extra support and strengthen connecting rod Rod cap is precisely located because forward “wave” serves as a guide Threads are rolled, not cut “Waves” are formed into bolt, as opposed to cut knurls, which interrupt grain flow • Wave-Loc surface contacts the rod and cap for optimum alignment and reduction of fluctuating stress – which strengthens the rod itself! • Provides snug fit for all OEM connecting rods (interference range of .001˝ to .005˝), despite wide range of factory rod bolt hole tolerances. • Available for most applications. • Superior material grain flow because of patented WaveLoc surface design as compared to knurled bolts that have sharp edges and “built-in” stress risers. • Galling and scoring of the rod is virtually eliminated because there is only smooth contact and absolutely no “digging.” R S T U V W X Y Z AA AB AC AD AE AF AG AH A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q ROD BOLTS