2024 ARP Catalog

10 between the bolt/stud and nut. Metal finishing is also performed in-house at ARP. Operations include black oxide coating of chrome moly or polishing stainless steel to a brilliant luster. Also on the premises is a fully-equipped lab for R&D and quality control. It has everything required to ensure that ARP products measure up to the company’s ultra high standards. Some of the tests that ARP personnel perform on a daily basis include ultimate tensile strength (using a 120,000 lb. capability tensile machine), fatigue cycle (Amsler) and hardness (Rockwell). Visual inspections include use of an optical comparator (to check thread root contour, etc.), fixtured micrometers and microscopic grain flow analysis. The computer-controlled fatigue cycle testers allow ARP to take fasteners to a failure point in millions of cycles – as A bank of CNC machining centers are employed at ARP to perform specialty operations. State-of-the-art EDM technology is used to perform special operations, such as hex-broaching head studs. Fasteners are shot-peened to improve fatigue life. The finishing touch for most chrome moly fasteners is the black oxiding operation. THE COMPANY